Welcome to Juniper Creates!

Juniper puts world class product capabilities in the hands of creators and communities. Our online platform gives you the tools and connections to create beautiful products and launch your own store.

This official guide will help you navigate the platform, understand the product development process, and share products with your community!

Custom Products

All of our products are completely custom — you have the creative control to shape them into a meaningful expression of your ideas and brand. Your customers will love them because of their premium quality, and also because they have a strong connection to them.

Juniper has designed and produced hundreds of premium products and successful campaigns for creators and organizations around the world! We have an experienced team of artists, product experts, and customer success talent to empower your product creation and support your store's operations.

How It Works

The product development journey process should take about 2 – 3 months, from when you first submit your product details until you can approve a physical sample for launch.

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