Before the Launch

Build interest and excitement for the products you are launching.
Leading up to the launch, ensure that your viewers have a clear understanding of the following:
  • When your product will be available.
  • What will be available.
  • How you feel about the product — favourite feature, product quality, apparel fit, etc.


Use your direct channels (YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, Discord etc.) to communicate the details of your launch starting 10 – 14 days in advance of your launch date. Focus on frequency and engagement. Your messaging frequency will determine how well your viewers retain key information like the launch date/time and product details. Creating engaging content will help connect the viewer to you and your product(s), increasing their likelihood to purchase.
Throughout your pre-launch promotion ensure you’re doing the following:
  • Post across the channels you typically engage with your fans on
  • Post with some frequency, targeting 2 – 3 posts before launch on each channel, teasing your product and adding additional detail with each post.
  • Tell a story about how the merch came to life or why it’s important to you or exciting for you
Promotion frequency should depend on your typical posting schedule. If your posting schedule is infrequent, adjust the level of detail included in each post and consider starting your pre-promotion 1 – 2 weeks earlier.

Schedule + Actions

Days Before Launch
Any time
Photoshoot Complete a photoshoot with the product or create graphics that can be shared on social channels
10 – 14
Teaser 1 (Primary Channels) Primary channel announcement post mentioning the launch date/time, key details (ex. Limited time) and promise more information to come
10 – 14
Teaser 1 (Secondary Channels) Secondary channels (socials, discord etc.) announcement
5 – 7
Teaser 2 (Primary Channels) Primary channel - Reiterate launch date/time & key details and tease product (silhouette)
2 – 3
Teaser 3 (Primary Channels) Primary channel - Reiterate launch date/time & reveal product
2 – 3
Teaser 3 (Secondary Channels) Share launch date/time & share a high quality image that shows the product clearly. Speak to some of the characteristics and where your fans can find information when it releases
Any time
Merch Shelf Complete Merch Shelf setup following the instructional video when notified by our team that it is ready.

Copy Templates

Teaser 1 (Primary Channels)

Template 1
Template 2
I’ve been working on something super exciting over the past few months. I’m going to be launching new merch on [Date / Time]. I’ll be revealing more details in each of my next few videos before launch day.. So you’ll have to stay tuned to find out more! I’m super excited about this and can’t wait for you to see it.
I have NEW Merch coming in [Number of Days] Days! On [Date / Time] I’ll be releasing something super cool that I know you’re going to LOVE! I’m not going to let the secret out yet though.. In my next couple of videos I’ll be sharing more details on what is coming!

Teaser 1 (Secondary Channels)

Template 1
Template 2
New merch is coming on [Date / Time]! Stay tuned for more details in the next few days, can’t wait to show you what’s in store.
Exciting announcement: Something new is coming on [Date / Time]! We’ll have more details soon, you won’t want to miss this.

Teaser 2

Template 1
Template 2
I hinted at this in my last video, but I’m excited to tell you all what is coming! On [Date / Time], we’re going to be launching [Product / Type]. I can’t wait to show you all exactly what it is in my next video, but I wanted to share some details in the meantime. [Details]
On [Date / Time] I’m going to be launching [Product / Type]. This is super special to me because [Reasons]. I’ll share more details in my next video and give you a sneak peek of exactly what is coming!

Teaser 3

Template 1
In just a couple of days my new merch is going to be available! On [Date / Time], you’ll be able to get my new [Product / Type]. The [Product] will be available for a limited time and I’m so excited for you all to be able to get it!
  • Can speak directly to product attributes
  • Story tell on why product is important
  • Speak to what your favourite part about the product is or special “easter eggs” you’ve hidden