Launch Models

Learn more about the launch models to help you decide which way to go.

You can either launch your products with the In Stock model, or with the Pre-Order model. Each comes with advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are hoping to do with your campaign and with your store.

In Stock

Purchase inventory before you launch. Manufacturing takes 7 – 9 weeks and can start as soon as the sample is approved.

Your products will ship immediately as soon as a customer places an order. You can make the product available during a campaign window with limited stock (up to you, recommended 2 or 3 weeks) or available indefinitely.

You can order the MOQ or a higher quantity if you wish to have more stock available for customers.

The sample fee is waived for products launched with this model.


Launch after approving the sample without purchasing inventory.

The product will be available to pre-order during a campaign window (up to you, recommended 2 or 3 weeks). Customers will place pre-orders for the product knowing it won’t ship until a specified date in the future.

Manufacturing takes 7 – 9 weeks and can start as soon as the campaign window is over. Products will ship to customers after this. This means that customers who ordered at the start of a 3-week campaign will wait 10 – 12 weeks before their products ship.

You can only launch 1 product at a time using this model.

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