Get ready to share your products with the world!

Inventory Costs

The costs associated with design and sampling of a product will be charged after you approve the sample for that product. Your account manager will provide you with an invoice for you to approve.
For In Stock products, the cost of your inventory will be included in the same invoice as design and sample costs. For Pre-Order products, the cost of the inventory will be subtracted from your revenue payout after the campaign.
Learn more about the differences between In Stock and Pre-Order products.
Understand the costs and billing schedule involved with product development.

Retail Pricing + Profit

Set the retail price for your product based on your desired profit and affordability for your customers. All orders are charged a flat rate shipping fee, but you can choose to absorb some of the shipping fee into the retail price through a shipping subsidy.
Customer orders may be charged sales tax or import tax based on their location. Read more at the page below!
Understand how much customers pay and how that affects your profit.

Website Customization

Your account manager will help set up your ecommerce website. You can customize the following aspects of the website.
What would you like to show on the banner of your store? Gather existing artwork for us to upload, or work with your designer on new illustrations.
Custom Domain
Websites will automatically be set up with a unique domain hosted by Juniper (for example,
Let your account manager if you want to use a custom domain and they will coordinate the rest. If you already own a custom domain, we can link that to the store or you can set it up as a redirect wherever you host your domain.
Accent Colour
The first brand colour indicated in your brand information will be used as an accent colour throughout your website. Let your account manager know if you want to use something different for the website.

Scheduling Your Launch

Once you've decided on a launch date and time, let your account manager know so that we can make the products live on your website at that time. Remember to specify the timezone so that we are on the same page!

Fulfilling Products Yourself

If you have your own warehouse or existing ecommerce operation and want to fulfill the products yourself, Juniper can ship your products to you upon completion.
We will just charge the cost of shipping on our end. You will be responsible for costs involved with customs and certification.
Certification costs can vary greatly, and are often required by law of the import country to ensure that products meet import requirements.

Analytics Dashboard

Sales data will be displayed in your dashboard within 15 minutes of your first sale! You can access your dashboard by clicking Analytics in the main menu.