Promote your products authentically and effectively.

This marketing guide details tactics, strategies and timelines that we recommend to promote your products. It's based on what our creators have done to market successful campaigns in the past.

By no means is this an exhaustive guide. It's important to consider your unique voice and audience to ensure that you’re promoting your products in an authentic way.

Marketing Timeline

It's easiest to think of the marketing timeline in 3 simple stages — before the launch, launch day, and after the launch.

Click into the pages for each of these stages for detailed schedules, messaging direction, and copy templates you can reference.

Starting about 10 days before launch day, build interest and excitement for the products you are launching.

At the time of launch, drive customers to your store to make a purchase.

Use the remainder of the campaign to convince fans who are on the fence to make a purchase.

Audience Demographics

YouTube Kids

If your channel is a part of the YouTube Kids Program, you cannot directly promote your products in YouTube content. Wear your apparel, interact with your products organically, but do not directly promote it in your videos.

Include links to your store in the description of all videos, and leverage your other channels (website, social media) to highlight your products and launch. Video descriptions won't be visible in the YouTube Kids app, but they will be visible on internet browsers.

Child Demographic

If your target audience is in a child aged demographic (about 4 – 16 years), make sure your products are present throughout your videos during the campaign.

Include short snippets of the products near the beginning of your videos. Focus less on storytelling and more on interacting with the products. You want to get viewers to develop a more intimate connection with your products — if you're launching a plush toy, give it a personality and have it “speak” if it makes sense.

Showcase the functionality of the products. A plush toy may be something to cuddle when going to bed, or a buddy to take to school. Apparel might be something they can show off to their friends, or wear as pajamas.

Adult Demographic

If your target audience is in an adult demographic, don't sell the products like an ad. People can tell when something is forced, and they don’t want to be sold to. They want to feel a part of something, and to support something they can relate to and enjoy.

Be authentic when promoting your products. Communicate with your audience the same way you normally would. Focus on the values and themes at the core of your content, the things that people are drawn to in the first place. If you usually make self-deprecating jokes, make jokes about the products!


The holidays are an important time for customers. Make sure you're properly communicating and managing customer expectations when promoting your products, so your fans know what they are getting into before they make a purchase.

Read more about promoting your products ahead of the holidays at the page below, along with how Juniper supports you in this communication.

Promoting products ahead of the holiday season.

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