After the Launch

Convince fans who are on the fence to make a purchase.

After launch day, ensure you’re doing the following:

  • Reiterating key product details and features.

  • Keeping your product top of mind, by integrating it into your videos where possible.

  • Emphasizing the limited nature of your product and final sale date (if applicable).


Continue to reiterate key points that you’ve spoken to throughout your campaign and post with frequency so that your product stays top of mind with your fan base.

  • Post with frequency Remind customers that your product(s) is available for a limited time 2 to 3 time per week during your campaign. Short video snippets and static posts can be used on social channels.

  • Continue to story tell Speak to the attributes of the product, how it came to life, and how you’ve used it or interacted with it since you got it (ex. I’ve been wearing this every day, I have my plush sitting on my desk etc.). Think of how you and your fans will use the product.

  • Interact with your fans Respond to questions/comments, address concerns and make them feel a part of your merch journey. Remember, you’re making the merch for them!

Schedule + Actions

Days After LaunchAction


Reminder 1 Leverage new photos if possible.

2 – 3

Reminder 2 (Primary Channels)


Reminder 2 (Secondary Channels)


Reminder 3 (Primary Channels)


Reminder 3 (Secondary Channels)


Reminder 4 (Secondary Channels)


Reminder 5 (Primary Channels) Shift messaging to focus on urgency.


Reminder 5 (Secondary Channels) Emphasize urgency + end date / time.


Final Post (Primary Channels) Emphasize urgency + end date / time.


Final Post (Secondary Channels) Emphasize urgency + end date / time.

Copy Templates

Reminder (Primary Channels)

Have you gotten your [Product / Type] yet? You have until [Date] to get the [Product] before it’s gone! I’m really proud of the product we came up with and I’d love to get it in your hands.

Speak to details and benefits of the product, including quality, story, and easter eggs.

Reminder (Secondary Channels)

Have you checked out my new [Product / Type] yet? You can get it here: [Link]. It’s only available for a limited time, so don’t wait!

Final Reminder (Primary Channels)

There’s only [X days / hours] left to get the [Product]. Don’t miss your chance!

Final Reminder (Secondary Channels)

There’s only [X days / hours] left to shop the [Product]! Don’t miss your chance to get it before its gone. Get the [Product]: [Link]

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