Review the physical sample to make sure you're happy with launching it.

The physical sample represents how your final products will look in the hands of your customers.

Your designer will help you review photos of the samples and communicate with our product team about any changes. Then, we'll ship the sample to you for final approval.

Sample Pricing

The cost to create a sample is $250 for most products. Some accessories have a smaller sample fee — you can see the sample fee by clicking More Info when selecting the product.

This covers the costs of the materials and labour of the sample creation itself, but also the work involved with sourcing the materials and performing quality control. It also includes the cost of professional photography for the sample, and shipping the sample to you for final approval.

When and how you are charged for product development and store operations.

Sample Creation + Approval

It takes 2 – 3 weeks to produce a sample after submitting the manufacturing drawing.

Our manufacturing partner will send over photos as soon as the sample is complete. Your designer will share these with you through the platform. Note that these photos will not be professional quality, but will be used to confirm that the product matches the manufacturing drawing.

If you are happy with how the sample looks, we will send it to our office for professional photography and then ship the sample to you for final approval.

There will be natural waiting periods in the process while we create the sample, and also while we ship the completed sample to you. This is a great time to think about marketing and how you want to present your product to your community.

What would you like to show on the banner of your store? Gather existing artwork for us to upload, or work with your designer on new illustrations.

How would you like to market this product? Think about extra content you want to make with yourself and the product, and any graphics you want to post after launching.

Sample Errors + Changes

Your designer will be responsible for communicating with our product team to ensure your product is top quality and accurate to the manufacturing drawing.

If a sample needs to be remade because it doesn't match manufacturing drawing, Juniper will cover the cost of creating an additional sample. Chat with your designer about the discrepancies so that they can thoroughly communicate the necessary changes to our product team.

If you would like to change the design and make a new sample after one is already made, there will be an additional sample fee. To avoid this, make sure you review the manufacturing drawing thoroughly before submitting it for sampling.

Sample revisions can take 1 – 2 weeks.

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