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Products are the basic building blocks within the Juniper platform. You can launch one product at a time or multiple products at once, but each one is developed as its own unit in the platform.

Each product must belong to a store. A store represents your brand, your team, your ecommerce website. You can add your team members as additional collaborators to a store, and any logos that should apply to the products in that store.

Start a New Product

Click the New Product button to add a new product. Give it a name and select the category, product, options, and add-ons you want to move forward with.

If you are a new user, you already started this process when you signed up. When you log in, you'll be able to continue with this product.

Each product has an associated unit cost and MOQ (minimum order quantity).

  • Unit Cost – Juniper does not take a profit split. Once you start selling, you keep 100% of the difference between the unit cost and your retail price.

  • MOQ – 300 units for most products, 500 units for some specialty products. These minimum order quantities are firm.

Add Product Details

Add details to the product like what inspired you, specific notes about how you want it to look or feel, and any relevant media. All of this will be passed on to our team once you submit.

If you already have completed designs, please upload full resolution art and vector files where applicable. This will help expedite the process and allow you to start sampling earlier.

In this case, you will be connected with a designer that will translate your vision into a manufacturing drawing to be sampled.

Every product must go through a designer trained with Juniper who can create a manufacturing drawing that will be sampled smoothly.

Select Launch Model

Select what launch model you want to release the product under — either In Stock or Pre-Order.

You can only develop one Pre-Order product at a time. You can develop as many In Stock products as you want.

Submit Product Details

You must have a credit card attached to your account in order to submit products.

After you submit your product details, a conversation will be created that you can access by clicking Messages in the main menu. You can use this conversation to provide any additional information to your Client Success Specialist and designer.

Review Process

After submitting your product details, our team will take about 1 business day to review. If there are any issues that we need you to address, we'll let you know through the conversation for that product. If the product is approved, we will go ahead and connect you with a designer!

In some cases, we may have to cancel your product for one or both of the reasons below.

  • Spam If your product details clearly indicate that you are sending us spam or are not actually interested in developing a product with us, we will cancel the product.

  • Feasibility We won't take on a product if we aren't confident that we can create what you envision through our current capabilities. We'll use the conversation to discuss how we can alter the product before deciding to cancel it.

  • Pre-Order Restriction If you've previously launched a pre-order product with us and cancelled it, we may require you to launch future products in stock.

One a product is cancelled, its conversation will become inactive. You are always welcome to submit another product!

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