When and how you get paid from your store.

Payout Timelines

We send out payments on a monthly cadence. You will receive a statement via email, and the payout will be deposited shortly after. You should receive both by the 15th of the month.

  • Your email statement will include your sales for the month as well as your payout amount.

  • We will also attach a spreadsheet breakdown containing the details of every order. This includes revenue, refunds, unit costs, applicable shipping subsidies, and your profit.

We don't officially process sales until 1 month after the order. This is so that we capture any refunds that might happen during that time period.

  • This means that each statement and payout will correspond with sales for the month that ended 1 month prior. See the table below for examples.

Inventory Costs

Any outstanding inventory costs will be paid off prior to receiving a payout. This typically only applies to pre-order products.

  • Pre-Order The cost of inventory will be deducted from your sales. If you launch your products late in the month, your first statement might not include a payout as it only covers a short period of sales.

  • In Stock You would have already purchased your inventory prior to launch, so you won't have any outstanding inventory costs after launching.

Minimum Payout Amount

We only send a payout if the amount is $50 or more. If your payout would be less than $50, we will carry over the amount into the following period and send a payout once the amount is $50 or more.

We will send you an email statement and spreadsheet breakdown every month, even if there will not be a payout that month.

Banking Information

We will make all payments directly to your bank account through a wire transfer. The banking information required varies slightly depending on the country of your account. We will ask you for this information through the platform.

  • Account Information Beneficiary name, bank name, and bank address.

  • ABA Routing Number 9-digit number on the bottom-left of checks.

  • Account Number 8 to 12-digit number on the bottom-middle of checks.

This information can only be used to send you money, not to access your account. If you don't feel comfortable providing this information through the platform, we can arrange for you to email or phone us.

Sales Tax

Juniper collects and remits US sales taxes on customer orders. You do not receive any sales taxes as part of your payouts.

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