When and how you are charged for product development and store operations.

Adding a Credit Card

Click Billing in the main menu to add your billing address and credit card info.

Each store must have a credit card attached in order to submit details for a new product. However, there is no immediate charge in order to submit product details.

Credit card information is required to submit products, but no charges are applied until you approve your sample.

Billing Breakdown + Schedule

Cancelling a Product

If you wish to cancel your product during the development process, let your Client Success Specialist know in the conversation for that product.

You will only be charged the costs incurred up to that point. Your Client Success Specialist will provide you with an invoice for you to approve.

Other Payment Methods

We also accept wire transfer as a method of payment. Just let your Client Success Specialist know, and they will coordinate this with you when it is time for a payment.

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