Work with your designer to submit a manufacturing drawing for sampling.

Every submitted product has a conversation that you can access by clicking Messages in the main menu. This conversation includes your Client Success Specialist and designer. Use this conversation to work with your designer and move the process forward.

Ensure you have a mobile phone number added to your Account to get text alerts when you have new messages.

Free Design Consultation

Juniper offers a free, 30-minute design consultation with a designer for each product. This is a chance for you to ask design questions, brainstorm ideas, and align with your designer on the vision for your product.

Your designer will reach out introduce themselves and schedule this consultation with you.

To make the most of your time, keep the meeting focused on design topics. If you have questions about pricing, marketing, or anything else outside of the design scope, please direct those to your Client Success Specialist.

Designer Pricing

Our design rate is set at $50 per hour. This rate takes includes the designer's own work and the cost of software and equipment, but also takes into account the fact that the designer works with our team behind the scenes throughout the process.

This can involve consulting with product experts to review drawings, provide input, and facilitate communication with manufacturing partners to ensure your product meets the highest standards.

When and how you are charged for product development and store operations.

Logo + Branding

If you haven't already provided your logo through the Store or Product setup in the platform, use the conversation to send a vector or high resolution file of your logo. The logo will be used in the following places related to your products and store:

  • Website Your logo will appear in the top navigation bar of your website, and again in the bottom footer.

  • Tags + Packaging Your logo will appear on washing tags for apparel and plush toys, and on packaging for accessories.

If you don't have a logo, or you'd like to create a new logo specifically for your store, let your designer know and they can work with you on a logo!

Designer Assignment

Our team will review your submitted product details and assets, and assign a designer to match your brand style and get you started as soon as possible!

Design Concept

Once you get connected with a designer, they will already have had a chance to review the product details you submitted. They will likely have questions for you to dig deeper into your vision, or you might have thought of other details in the meantime.

If you already have a completed design, you and the designer will skip the concept stage and begin working on the manufacturing drawings right away.

The design process will start with sketches to help you align on the big ideas. This will include sketches of the product itself or any artwork involved in the products — for example, an illustration to be printed on a sweater.

During the design process, your designer will let you know what they are about to work on and quote you an estimated amount of time they will spend on it. This is so that you have an approximate idea of how much it will cost.

You and the designer can coordinate a virtual meeting at any time if that helps with communication or the working process.

The key to making the design process go as smoothly as possible is to be specific about your direction. If you prefer to be open with the creative process and see if new ideas come up, just understand that it may take a bit of time to get to a place where you are happy.

We encourage you to make sure you and the designer are on the same page, so that you are both confident in the work being done!

Manufacturing Drawing

Manufacturing drawings are like blueprints for a product. They tell the factory everything needed for a product to be manufactured. The manufacturing drawing is a crucial step of the process for the following reasons:

  1. Sampling Cost Our designers are well-trained in producing a manufacturing drawing that factories can understand clearly. This makes sure that we will get it right on the first sample and avoid additional sample fees. As long as the submitted manufacturing drawing is good, then you won’t have to pay for any additional samples.

  2. Quality Our designers understand the artwork requirements for different applications. They will ensure that your product is produced at the highest quality, and that your customers will intuitively know the quality of your product.

  3. Details Our designers have a holistic understanding of the manufacturing process. They’ll specify all the necessary details in the manufacturing drawing so that we can communicate your vision all at once without time-consuming back and forth across time zones.

If you have your own design team, we can provide templates for some products that you can complete them on your end. Your Juniper designer will review it and make any edits necessary for manufacturing.

Once you are confident that the manufacturing drawing captures your vision for the product, let your designer know that you would like to submit it for sampling!

Don't submit a manufacturing drawing until you are completely satisfied with it. Once we submit it for sampling, you cannot change the manufacturing drawing without having to pay for an additional sample.


Custom packaging is optional because there are default versions for all of the packaging and tags. Your designer might ask if you want to customize any of it, or you can let them know too!

Website Banner

Designing a custom website banner is optional. Let your designer know if you are interested in having them design something that fits with the product you worked on together.

We can also use existing banner artwork from your YouTube channel, or you can send over a website banner formatted to our Banner Template (PSD). The dimensions are 4000 x 650 px, but it will be cropped to a width of 2650 px on mobile.

The best time to work on this is typically after submitting the manufacturing drawing for sampling, while you are waiting for the sample to be completed. You can also work on this after approving the sample photos while waiting for the sample to be shipped to you.

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