Launch Day

Drive customers to your store to make a purchase.
At the time of launch, communicate the following key information to your viewers:
  • Where they can find your product, and how long it will be available for.
  • The products and their unique features. Showing you interacting with, or wearing the product.
  • The benefits of your product — quality, design elements, use cases etc.
  • Ensure to link the store in all posts across your channels.


Authentically show your product(s) and speak to its benefits. Ensure all communication directs the customer to your store so that they can easily make a purchase and view the product. Post across your social channels with the following:
  • Clear product images
  • Images/video with you (the creator) and the product
  • Articulate campaign details — where & for how long product is available
  • Ensure you clearly show the product in the first 3 seconds of any video content
Focus of your products throughout your launch communication and posts. It’s important that fans can see all of the necessary details and features easily.


Merch Visibility
Links in Bio Social channels & YouTube
Merch Shelf Ensure your Merch Shelf is turned on and displaying on your channel
Announcement (Primary Channels) Primary channel post starting with the merch drop announcement
Announcement (Secondary Channels) Secondary channel announcements: Post images with links to the store of you and the product

Copy Templates

Announcement (Primary Channels)

Template 1
Template 2
My brand new merch is live NOW. You can shop the [Product] at [Link] and you can find the link in my description below! I’m so excited for you all to finally be able to get the [Product / Type] I’ve been working on this for months!
You can get [Product / Type] now! It’s available for a limited time exclusively at [Link], until [Date]. I worked really hard to create and source a really high quality product that I know you all will love!
Speak to product details — clearly showing each custom aspect of the product and displaying the quality clearly.

Announcement (Secondary Channels)

Template 1
Template 2
My new merch is out now! The [Product] is available until [Date]. Get it before it’s gone!
I’m so excited to announce the launch of [Product]. I worked hard to create a high quality product that you’ll love! It’s available for a limited time, until [Date].