Hardcover Notebook

Hardcover, faux-leather notebook with thick pages for sketching or journaling.

About Our Notebooks

Durable Our notebook has a rigid cover and book binding that help it stand up against general wear much more effectively than paperback or coil-bound notebooks. You can throw it into your bag without worrying about the pages inside.
The cover is easy to wipe clean if it gets dirty or something spills on it, and the notebook's rounded corners helps prevent the edges from being damaged.
Smart + Professional While the cover is rigid and durable, it has a semi-soft surface that gives it a professional, premium touch. The paper is art quality with a smooth texture that is easy to write on with pen or pencil.
Portable + Practical Our notebook contains A5 pages. That's 5.8 x 8.3 inches (14.8 x 21 cm), about the same as if you folded a letter size page in half. It's compact and easy to fit in a bag or carry around, and the pages are the perfect size for quick sketches or organizing notes.

Features + Customization

Cover You can customize your notebook cover by choosing a different colour, or adding details like a printed or debossed logo or pattern. There are front and back inside covers that are a perfect canvas for a custom design.
Paper The paper is a premium 80 gsm weight. You can customize the pages if you want them lined, dotted, or with custom artwork. Or leave them blank to give customers the ultimate freedom.
Bookmark Our notebooks include a satin ribbon bookmark attached to the book binding that lets you save your spot. You can customize the colour of this bookmark or choose note to include it if you prefer!
Elastic An elastic band is attached to the back cover of the notebook and wraps around to keep it closed if you put it in a bag. You can customize the colour of this elastic, or choose not to include it.
Sleeve The notebook can come packaged with a paper sleeve that wraps around the notebook. You can coordinate this with your designer if that's something you want


Arts + Crafts If you make content centred around art, crafts, or DIY projects, a notebook would be natural fit for your creative, resourceful community. Your audience can use it for sketching or to jot down plans and ideas.
Education + Commentary If you're an educator or commentator, a notebook would be a natural fit for your curious, open-minded community. Your audience can use it to take notes or stay organized. If much of your audience are students, they may find themselves already in regular need of a notebook.
Lifestyle If you're a lifestyle creator, this makes it the perfect opportunity to incorporate your custom notebook into your content. Use your videos to demonstrate how the notebook fits into that lifestyle, whether it's journaling in your daily life, taking notes for school, or writing while out in nature.
Companies + Organizations If you are a company or organization, a notebook is a perfect professional and practical item for your team. The Juniper team loves our notebooks!

How to Select

When creating a new product in the Juniper platform, select AccessoriesHardcover Notebook.
The add-ons Bookmark and Elastic are selected by default, but you can unselect them if you wish.
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